Grace & Co x Self Made!

    We were pleased to present our work, in collaboration with PASYANCÉ at Self Made NZ hosted by Awhi Mai Body on February 13th at the Vodafone Events Centre.

    Our day began very early as we arrived at the center around 6:30am for a 10:00am start. The 3 hour and a half gap gave us enough time to prepare our stall plan, set up our products and walk around to see and meet other stall holders. We had a range of products available for purchase on the day from our Soy waxes to our diffusers, to our range of scented candles.
     As this was our first ever show case, we were both excited and nervous because not only were we stepping out of our comfort zone, but we were given a special opportunity to expose our craft to various demographics in attendance that day.
     Attending Self Made NZ was an honor as it was truly a blessing to see many individuals share their unique businesses.
This has definitely opened up a new chapter for Grace and Co, one we are ready to explore.


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